Secure Messaging is a chat messaging application based on android which accommodates the user's desire to send messages, data file, images, short videos that are all encrypted and have a high level of security. With the encryption method, the user can communicate with this app comfortably and securely without worried when the content of the message is use by people who are not responsible.
The development of the technological world especially in the field of communication this time has grown fast. Proven by the existence chat app as media communication that is often used by the public. With using chat app, user can communicate easily and fast. The whole company today requires chat app as place to communicate between employees. As an integrity company, the message should be able gated because many secrets of that company talked about.
How safe is SMessaging?
Secure messaging guarantees the messages delivered can be maintained its security because it has 3 encryption option. Then the server location managed by the company itself for more network security guaranteed.
  • Send direct chat
  • Create and chat with group of users
  • Send and receive images as well as other kind of files
  • End-to-end encryption with OMEMO, OTR, or OpenPGP
  • Pictures / Avatars for your Contacts
  • Share chat to other contact or social media
  • Make a call
  • Create a password to lock the application
  • Share your location via an external plug-in
  • Indication when your contact has read your message
  • Intuitive UI that follows Android Design guidelines
  • Conferences (with support for bookmarks)
  • Address book integration
  • Very low impact on battery life
  • Software Only

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