Secure Phone is a lunar device that is installed on Android device that functionate as a media to communicate with a secure path. With the installation of special chip who's similar to micro SD, all data conversation inside the application will be safe.
This chip has special specifications :
  • ARM Cortex M4F
  • CPU Speed 168 MHz -Floating point unit
  • v1 MB flash
  • 196 kB of RAM
  • Micro controller centric security architecture
  • NAN Flash memory 2 GB
  • AES512 modes ECB - CBC - OFB
  • Asymmetrical key
  • Internal Physical RNG FIPS 140-2

Secure Phone is much more secure than all messaging media using software-based encryption. By using this chip, the entire key management will be stored on a chip block and then by using a special encryption method, first the data will be encrypted. When the user releases the chip, the data that has been decrypt will return to an unreadable messages.
  • Secure SMS
  • Can be used on GSM and satellite provider (can be used anywhere)
  • Make a call
  • Send direct message
  1. Hardware
    • Micro controller
    • ARM Cortex™ M4F
    • 168MHz floating point unit
    • Flash 1 MB
    • RAM 196 kB
    • ESE : Micro controller centric security architecture
    • Comms
    • SD Controller
    • NAND Flash Memory : 2 GB
  2. Encryption
    • Algoritma 4096 bit TRNG on mSE
    • Asymmetric: Public Key RSA 1024 FIPS 186-3 SP800-56B (X.9-21 and PKCS#1)
    • Otentifikasi: CMAC_AES FIPS SP800-38B
    • Digest functions: SHA256
    • Internal physical random noise generator FIPS SP800-90 (X.9-82)

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